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Default MIDI controller with more than one notched (clicky) encoder? (clicky when turning)

Does such a thing exist? With the clicks decently audible (when you TURN them, not just when you push them)? Not just soft clicks like the Behringer X-Touch Mini, Beatstep and Beatstep Pro?

If it does, can the encoder be mapped to any MIDI channel, CC# (Absolute, Relative, or Relative Offset) and/or "Note Relative" mode, like Maschine? Note Relative isn't absolutely necessary but nice to have.

It seems most midi controllers (at least from my research) have only one of these. But not more than one. I'd kill for 4 "clicky" encoders, like Maschine MK3, MK2, Jam, etc.

Does such a thing exist? Pretty much would make my dream come true, honestly.

Closest thing I can find-- Maschine Mikro MK2. You don't need to change templates to have that encoder do different things. Just page left or right. Second closest thing: Maschine Jam, as it has 4 encoder pages/modes in the Controller Editor. Maschine Studio has 6 (but again, you have to change the pages).

I'd love to have a controller that has 4 of them in a row. Even if it was just a midi controller with ONLY that on it. So many workflow speed increases, I can't even fathom how cool it would be.

Closest thing for sure is the X-Touch Mini (since it clicks when turning and clicks when pushed). I just wish the clicks were more prominent/pronounced. I wonder if there's any way to do that with custom encoder caps.

Anyone else feel the same?
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