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Default recording and deleting MIDI items

Long time Reaper user, but an absolute beginner at MIDI. So apologies in advance for the first dumb question of what may be several (or many):

When recording audio you press record - then when you press stop the newly recorded item is selected and the cursor stays where it was, so if you want to delete it it just takes one keystroke, and you're ready to have another go.

How can you (or is it possible to) do the same thing with a newly recorded MIDI item? At the moment I have to click the item to select it, delete it, then move the cursor back to the original position.

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Just press Ctrl Z

To explain: When you record audio, it stores the recorded material into a separate file (e.g. .WAV), but with MIDI you are recording a series of instructions that are stored in the project file. Thus, this action can be undone in the same way as other actions.
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