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Default About Reaper install , VST,

1.The creat folder is 28M when i use "reaper-to-usb". "Reaper"

directoyt is 21M.

Then i start Reaper.exe from flash disk, it is good . But i start

Reaper.exe from disk it creat a folder
"Reaper" to "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application

Data", it is 7 M. It can not be deleted when i uninstall Reaper and

change new version.

If i can start Reaper.exe from flash disk and do not creat a folder
"Reaper" to "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data"

, why?

So I think that is the best , creat all files and folders to master

directory,when i install the Reaper . That I can copy the directoyt to

flash disk and do not start "reaper-to-usb", it will be very very easy

to use "Reaper" in flash disk.

2.The menu display to messy code when i start Reaper and play

VST:ReaVoice(cockos) -- Pitch Shift Mode --Algorithm.

3.When i start Reaper , it scan the DX plugin,but i disable "Scan DX

plugin on startup(not required)",the old Reaper do not scan.

4. a.About VST plugins. Sometimes "Reaper"will be dead when use any

VST plugins ,like "HybridReverb2,hypersonic2,KR-Reverb FS......" ect..

b.The "Reaper"will be dead,when i first scan the VST plugins

after install the Reaper.
display: The RAM can not be "read".........

5.I hope the *.WMA can be supported.
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