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Default problems with reaper on my eee pc

hi all! new to reaper. anyways, the title of the thread indicates, i'm having problems running reaper on my netbook. it's an asus eee pc 1005ha. i saw the other netbook thread elsewhere in the forums, and from what i understood reading that thread and others on the interwebz, it seems things should be running better than they do. i threw this in the n00b forums, since, well, i'm a n00b and i'm not totally sure that there's something simple that i'm missing...

here's the background -I'm at my folks' now for x-mas, so i'm trying things out w/vst's, but at my place, i use hardware exclusively, aside from recording. I've been looking for a decent program for my netbook to run more complex MIDI stuff, since my main seq. is a MPC2000xl, and maybe some simple audio recording so i have a backup recording device when my hand-me-down g4 eventually craps out on me.

so, here's the issue - when reaper is up, it uses up a BUNCH of cpu right off the bat, even with no tracks, no instruments, etc. it bounces between about 15 and 30% in the performance meter in reaper. In my task manager, it actually shows the cpu using between 30 and 50% when reaper is up as the main window, and if i switch to another window, for example to make this post, it eventually drops back down to about 1 to 5%.

i think this might problem is exclusive to reaper: i tried the live intro demo on my machine the other night and it ran fine as long as i used a lightweight vst. i experimented with how far i could push things, and i think i had the reverb up to about a 60 sec. decay before the cpu meter went to 50%

sooo... any ideas? anyone else run into similar problems? thanks and happy non-denomenational gift-exchange and feasting holiday all!
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I run Reaper on a EEE900 , i can get a big sinth like Alchemy or Albino running and play a couple of notes (not all patches) and possibly an audio track so maybe look at your audio sub-system.

Installing ASIO4ALL http://www.asio4all.com/ will get better results .

What OS is it, XP, 7 ?

Ill help if i can.

ETA i dont think the Celeron in my 900 was made with dsp in mind but should be better with your Atom cpu.

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The idle load Reaper caused on a N270 based standard netbook I tried with XP was around 10% @1.6GHz and 15-20% @800MHz. This is the first thing to check, whether your CPU running at full speed or not, check your power management app. "Speedstep" (CPU switching automatically Vcore, FSB etc. to save power) is often not your friend in DAW usage and you should run the high performance profile. Use CPUZ to check if your CPU stays at 1.6GHz when the system is idling.

One more component is Reaper wasting CPU cycles when it's bored. It becomes increasingly efficient when the load rises until it owns all other hosts using a 64bit audio engine. Speaking of which, not sure but AFAIK Live doesn't have full 64bit internal processing (the audio engine, not to confuse with 64bit OS), therefore it will use less CPU by design.

Besides that, ASIO4ALL configuration can be picky on these things - I had one occasion where the idle load (but with plugins) went to 100% until I messed around with <can't remember> in the ASIO4ALL control panel and too low ASIO buffer (latency) settings can create an unnatural high load as well.
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thanks for the responses! yeah, forgot to mention, i'm running xp and i was running asio4all already.

good suggestion on power management, steindork - that seemed to solve a good deal of the problems. i switched from power saving mode to 'super performance' mode and it dropped the cpu usage to around 10 to 17%, never above 20%. no more glitching out either.

i played around w/the asio settings a little too. it helped to shut off the inputs - i don't need them since all i've got now is the crappy mic. the buffer settings seemed to be ok though. i also switched to the internal audio drivers. this lower the cpu usage in general by about half, but it also doubles the cpu usage by the individual vst.

anyways, i'll fiddle around a little more, but i think i might it to the point where i can explore the program. *fingers crossed* thanks!
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