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Default OSC message sent to Lemur on track select?


I am trying to have my Lemur template display certain tabs or banks for articulations depending on what track is selected in Reaper. (I.E. when I choose a Spitfire sample library in Reaper, I'd like the associated articulations show.) It seems like I could this using either midi CC data or OSC.

In Cubase you would use a generic remote device to send the midi to Lemur. A youtube video describing how to do it in Cubase is here. I'm sure there must be a way to do this with a script. I have zero experience scripting so I have no idea how hard it would be.

It seems like it would be simpler to use OSC since it is built into Reaper, but I am unsure how that would work. Is it possible to have thats with certain words in the track name send a specific message to Lemur? I was able to find a clue about how it is done on an old vi-control thread here but I would appreciate if anyone here knows how I should change the default reaper OSC file to do this. I found a few other threads here asking similar questions but none of them seemed to be answered.

Any ideas about how to accomplish this? Any ideas/help would be appreciated!!!
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No ideas?
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