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Default ReaScript to Add Take FX to Active Item no longer working

I've been using a script based off this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRAx36MGtwA which adds a take effect to the selected take. This worked for months, but is no longer working after switching from Waves Tune to Melodyne. After switching back to original code, Waves tune no longer opens. Did something change in the API or am I missing something obvious? Code below.
Thank you!

item = reaper.GetSelectedMediaItem (0,0)

MediaItem_Take = reaper.GetActiveTake (item, 0)

reaper.TakeFX_AddByName (MediaItem_Take, "VST3: Melodyne (Celemony)", 1)

reaper.TakeFX_Show (MediaItem_Take, 0, 1)
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Try this.
Just change the name='' variable.
This will insert Melodyne

count_sel_items = reaper.CountSelectedMediaItems(0)
if count_sel_items ~= nil then end
for i = 1, count_sel_items do
  item = reaper.GetSelectedMediaItem(0, i-1);
  take = reaper.GetMediaItemTake(item, 0)
  local fxId = reaper.TakeFX_AddByName(take, name,  0 )
  if fxId <0 then
    fxId  = reaper.TakeFX_AddByName( take, name,  1 )
    reaper.TakeFX_Show (take, 0, 1)
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