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Default Converting midi implementation to reabank

Hi, I try to make a reabank file for my Roland TD 30 drum module.

But: in the roland midi implementation documentation all midi messages are
written in hex format. For bank / program change it is:

BANK SELECT (Controller No. 0,32)

Status 2nd Byte 3d Byte
BnH 00H mmH
BnH 20H llH

where n = midi channel, mm = bank no MSB, ll = bank no LSB

I can select up to 99 drum sets in my TD 30.
When creating a .rebank file I have to enter a "bank" line and a "program" line:

Bank MSB LSB Bank-Name
Patch-ID patch-name

In reaper, when selecting a reabank file, I can enter the midi-channel
to be used. The Bank and program ID is loaded from the reabank file.

I have no idea what I have to enter into the reabank file to select
the programs / patches from 1 to 99

How do I "convert" the hex data from the manual to reabank file?

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The function of the ReaBank file is to let you use meaningful names for the Program. An example of the format of the individual lines in a .ReaBnk files is:
// A bank entry lists the MSB, LSB, and bank name
// for all the patches that follow, until the next bank entry.

Bank 0 0 General MIDI
// A program entry simply lists the program number and patch name.
0 Acoustic Grand Piano
1 Bright Acoustic Piano
2 Electric Grand Piano
All you will need something like
Bank 0 0 TD 30
1 Studio
2 LA Metal
3 Swingin’
4 Burnin’
5 Birch
6 Nashville
7 LoudRock

The "0 0 " after "bank" above mean that this is Bank #0, which should be OK. Also, you may need to start the numbering from 0 rather than 1.

When Reaper sends a PC Change event in the MIDI Editor,it converts the values from the .ReaBank file into the hexadecimal for the Program Change message.
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Thx for your answer!

This seems to be much easier as I thought

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