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josh gura
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Default Themers: Use indiegogo and kickstarter to fund your theme!

Got an awesome theme you don't have time to work on? The main problem with graphical work is that, it takes time. As it stands right now, people need to work 3 million jobs to keep food on their family. Problem solved, at least for the Reaper themers.

Start an indiegogo.com or kickstarter.com to fund a theme of your own design.

I double dog dare someone to try that. This could be a cool way to "show em" how many Reaper users there really are. Keep it legal and there should be no problem. Grow a pair, unggghhh!!!!! now throw em over your shoulder and hump it over to kickstarter.com or indiegogo.com

actual love,
Josh Gura

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Saw your other post bout this.
Sort of flies directly in the face of everything the reaper community is about in my opinion.

But you are wrong for all the right reasons, of course! (grin)
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it's easy to keep 'food on my family'... they all love to food fight
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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The Buddha Rats
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There's nothing illegal or inherently wrong about using Kickstarter to fund a theme or a music project. It actually makes sense: Time is precious, and a lot of people have jobs, and family obligations. Why shouldn't they turn to a community of like-minded people to keep things moving? I generally like to keep things free (I don't charge for my give-aways on my blog), but sometimes you just can't work without a budget.

Now I don't theme (and I hadn't planned on posting anything about my project, and I really don't make it a point of asking for $ on this forum). That being said, I use Kickstarter, and maybe this will help point people in the right direction in terms of how to post a project and start getting funded:


And if this violates some forum policy, I apologize in advance. Just delete it from the beginning so that the ending can't be heard.


Les Paul, More Lennon
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