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Default a vst that takes MY tempo?

Hello folks. Is there any such vst or add-on of some type that will listen to MY tempo? Sometimes when I want to lay a first track down I don't want to listen to a metronome so the part can breath a little. Even better, if reaper could do a fluid tempo throughout a piece, gradually changing tempo, faster, slower, faster slower...Gradually.

any such animal, rock, or mineral?
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If I understand you, you are looking for a VST effect that will dynamically detect your playing tempo and adjust to that tempo. I'm not aware of any that will dynamically detect your playing tempo, but it's not uncommon for VSTs to adjust to changing tempos that are defined in the song.

This thread should be a good start.

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In reaper there's a series of steps you use to manually produce tempo map from audio.


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Iinvestigated similar features a coupel of weeks ago :
Piz AUdio to CC can be great if you install ReaControlMidi as an addon in Reaper.

It works, but the issue is that Reaper's tap tempo doesn't seem to make any averaging, so instead of finding an average tempo, it can translate some tap averaging into big tempo amplitudes.
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