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Default Spotify/Itunes/etc. question

Asked this in my previous post but I think it was an afterthought.

I would like to ask if anyone has done home recordings that they felt were good enough to put up on itunes or spotify? Is that possible at hone without creating an entire studio?
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I'm sure LOTs of REAPER users have commercially-released music in a variety of formats...

MIDI doesn't require a studio and you don't need a studio to record an electric guitar or bass "direct".

If you are recording with a microphone you generally need to do some adaptations (some soundproofing and some sound absorption) to make some kind of studio environment.

Quite a few people record audiobooks at home, but they've also usually made some acoustic modifications.

You SHOULD also have a "good studio" and good monitors for mixing & mastering. (The experts always advise against using headphones as your primary mixing/mastering monitors.)

NOISE is the biggest issue so it depends on where you live and who lives in the house/apartment with you, etc. Sometimes you have to turn-off the heating & air conditioning, and maybe unplug the refrigerator or anything else that makes noise.
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In fact even some professional musicians have released successful albums recorded in "domestic" situations. For instance Iris Dement's "The Trackless Woods" and Seth Wakeman's "Kitty Jay".
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Many people do it. You can do it.

Plus, you use Reaper to make daft "videos", if you can spare a couple of hours. Optionally featuring the late, great Brian Clough.
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I have some music on Spotify that was recorded entirely with Reaper, an album of blues called (by an amazing coincidence) Philbo's Blues.
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Most of the stuff streaming on Spotify comes from the volume war and treble hyped CD editions of the albums. You're fine.
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