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Default v6.02rc1 - December 16 2019

v6.02rc1 - December 16 2019
  • + ARA: add per-plugin menu item to force reanalysis of media (for example, after using external editor)
  • + Accessibility: improve Windows IAccessible suppor for STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED
  • + Classic 5.0 theme: add toolbar images
  • + FX chain: switch active plug-in before showing context menu when right clicking in list [t=228136]
  • + FX: improve automated parameter behavior when moving items with FX automation across tracks [t=227956]
  • + Floating toolbars: improve pin positioning when frameless
  • + HiDPI: hidpi image for generic UIs sliders, track send sliders
  • + MIDI editor: do not reset velocity for new notes when editing in velocity lane, only when editing velocity on note directly or using reset mouse modifier [p=2217439]
  • + MIDI editor: drawing optimizations
  • + MIDI editor: fix default CC shape not persisting when reopening REAPER
  • + MIDI editor: fix first inserted CC event ignoring default curve shape in some situations [p=2212310]
  • + MIDI editor: fix persistence of option to show note names on notes [t=226666]
  • + MIDI editor: fix right-click and double-click behavior in inline MIDI editor
  • + MIDI editor: improve quality of diamond/triangle notes on retina displays
  • + MIDI editor: ix inline editor CC lane display when showing media item lane in normal MIDI editor
  • + MIDI editor: only draw filled CC envelope for the active channel in the active media item
  • + MIDI editor: prevent flicker when scrolling editor in synced view mode [p=2215606]
  • + MIDI editor: refresh open editors after changing default MIDI note colorap
  • + MIDI editor: remove support for per-media-item note colormaps
  • + MIDI editor: select items using default behavior in marquee with marquee modifier no longer present [t=228764]
  • + MIDI editor: support HiDPI/retina images for track list
  • + MIDI editor: support HiPDI/Retina transport button images
  • + MIDI editor: sync timebase to arrange view without re-centering [t=222938]
  • + MIDI editor: use slightly smaller font size for drawing project markers/regions [p=2216700]
  • + MIDI editor: when modifying CC lanes, update any inline editors
  • + MIDI inline editor: support HiDPI/retina theme images
  • + Media explorer: support HiDPI/Retina transport button images
  • + Media items: optimize display of text notes in media items [t=228372]
  • + ReaSamplomatic5k: improve voice-reuse logic in certain voice-starved situations (old mode used on existing projects, additional hidden VST parameter)
  • + ReaScript: add MARKER_GUID:X to get the unique identifier of a project marker or region [t=207856]
  • + ReaScript: remove support for deprecated MIDI support file types
  • + Ruler: improve retina/hidpi appearance of markers
  • + Tempo map: further improve behavior of insert measure from loop selection actions [p=2215874]
  • + Theme Adjuster: Ctrl+Z for undo
  • + Theme: new mono button
  • + Toolbars: always show close button when floating
  • + Toolbars: do not remove toolbar pin when small and frameless
  • + Toolbars: make appearance of built-in items match 5.x
  • + Toolbars: when frameless and very small, allow resizing
  • + Tooltips: prevent stale tooltips from persisting when switching active windows
  • + Tracks: playback offset defaults to disabled (although there is no difference between disabled and enabled with zero offset)
  • + Undo: improve FX parameter restoring when undoing the addition of envelopes/parameter modulation/LFO [t=227956]
  • + VST3: add support for plugins that output MIDI CC data, via LegacyMIDICCOutEvent
  • + VST3: replace input audio rather than summing for instruments that have sidechain input but no main input [t=227974]
  • + VST: add HiDPI compatibility setting that affects floating plug-in UIs
  • + Web interface: avoid UI hangs when unable to resolve rc.reaper.fm
  • + Windows: auto-lower pinned windows while modal window is present
  • + Windows: fix topmost pin positioning issues
  • + Windows: option to ignore alt-key presses affects FX chains, FX browser, Video, Media Explorer windows
  • + macOS: experimental option to allow dark mode on 10.14+ (in preferences/general/advanced)
  • + macOS: fix window background fills for knobs/etc when dark-mode is manually enabled
  • # Default theme: fix solo defeat image
  • # Floating toolbars: hide close button if it intersects toolbar button
  • # Floating toolbars: hide topmost pin (but maintain state) if it intersects toolbar button
  • # HiDPI: fade editor and track I/O windows support hidpi/retina
  • # MIDI editor: fix mousewheel zoom in project synced timebase when preference is to center zoom on mouse cursor [p=2212460]
  • # MIDI editor: restore previous synced timebase behavior when MIDI editor is docked at top or bottom of main REAPER window
  • # Ruler: fix incorrect wide width of markers in hidpi/UI scaling
  • # Ruler: optimize drawing project markers that are very close together
  • # Toolbars: adjust minimum size and reset topmost pin after changing toolbar frameless state [p=2216976]
  • # Windows: add context menu item in Add FX window to set/unset HiDPI compatibility mode for multiple selected plug-ins at once
  • # Windows: fix another topmost pin z-order bug
  • # Windows: fix topmost pin stuck/lag behavior after minimize
  • # Windows: improve small pin positioning/sizing
  • # Windows: option to ignore alt-key presses affects everything
  • # Windows: prevent topmost pins from being positioned to the left of the window frame
  • # Windows: properly restore pin states when restoring from minimized (again)
  • # Windows: topmost pin behavior cleanups
  • # Windows: tweak topmost pin visibility when inactive, disable clicks of pins when modal window is open
  • # macOS: fix last broken build
  • # macOS: fix text field drawing in Dark mode (with dark mode manually enabled)
  • # macOS: improve render status in dark mode
  • # theme: tweak recarm images
This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

Changelog - Pre-Releases

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Hmm....looks like this one from yesterday's build fell off...

+ MIDI editor: double-click on CC lane header selects all events in lane

Confirmed it's no longer present.
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I confirm double click does not work
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The +dev builds have many features that won't be in 6.02, but will be in a later release. This is true in general.

Originally Posted by landoleet.org
+dev: development version. Includes functionality that will likely not end up in
the next release (and may not end up in any release, ever). The version number of these
builds includes the last release/pre-release that build was based on, and the four digit
number following +dev references the month and day the build was made.
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Thanks for the updates! Hmmm, no adjust start/end modifier on the next release?
I thought it was going to make it, I really hope to see it again because it was very useful.
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I noticed when you duplicate tracks, track number is incorrect. Selecting the new tracks updates to correct number.
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# Windows: add context menu item in Add FX window to...
Speaking of Add FX context menu, When I select a VST and a JSFX, open Context menu, the Buggy menu item is checked. Normal ?

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