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Default Unwanted lingering notes

Greetings all, glad to see the forum is still bustling.
I've recently gotten back into music production after a long time off, but I seem to be having an issue wish I recall having before.

Occasionally, when I play something in with my midi keyboard, when listening back, one note will just 'catch' and hold down and won't stop playing until I hit F3. It doesn't seem to be any particular note, as it will happen at random, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I've read somewhere that rewriting the notes in manually can solve this issue, however I find this impractical.
Firstly, because it is time consuming, secondly, trying to recreate the live feel is difficult.
Furthermore, I have done this before and the problem has still remained.

The F3 solution is acceptable as a quick fix when working on a project. But even when I export the track to audio, sometimes this lingering note can trigger in the first bar and run through the entire file.

I can say that this usually happens on a track with quick rhythmic chords, which I usually play on an organ sound (various vsts, no isolated plug in issue). Is it possible that the issue is caused by the the plug in? Or the percussive input (with 6+ simultaneous notes) midi track.

Any input to identifying, or solving the issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance.
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