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Default tutorial videos, noob-ify them please

I would like to make a general statement: when it comes to the available videos related to using DAW's, using Hardware and Software related to DAW's, I so very much appreciate these sources of information. BUT, jeez, could the producers of these videos please NOOB-IFY, dumb them down, idiot-ize them. Lemme breakidownfoya: I watch these videos and they are produced by people that, apparently, have years of experience with DAW's and digital music productions. I, as a consumer of said-videos DO NOT have years of experience. So's I watches them videors and my wee feeble brain shrivels even more, me last functioning brain cell begins to sputter and I am lost in the plethora of complicated information being shoved at my eyes. I get lost because, how should I say this: I. ARE. A. NOOB. I need actual instructions that are step by step and clear beyond any doubt.
In particular, I purchased a drum pad controller, AKAI MPD218, downloaded all the software and then started research on how to get the thing to make actual sounds. I have downloaded the included software, have other VST plugins loaded on my computadore but my brain has oozed forth unto the carpeting, shrieking "Why you do this to me, Dimi??". So again, breakinitdownfoya: I plug in the 218, I have my interface (Motu M4) running, I open Reaper, what after that?
Excuse the rantification of the situation I have outline above but creepin' cripes, Batman! Dumb-izationalization is needed. Show me a video where you say, Step 1: Plug unit to USB on your laptop. Step 2: Make sure your AI is hooked up, Step 3: etc. expressed in an easy to understand non-technical non-gobbldeegooked format so that even I can understand it. Uh, wouldyaplease?? Hmm?
Thanks ever so much. May the joy of life fill you to the freegin brim!!

PS: I'd hug ya but, ya know.....Covid.
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Did you watch these? Reaper is not a flower to be picked but a mountain to be climbed. Ask questions in the forum and keep learning.

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Thank you, I will check them out. I was referring to the videos on YOUTUBE and expressing the frustration that I have with them.
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Sorry we missed you joining, but in any case a belated welcome to the forums and....

If you go to reaper.fm, you will find a link to both the free User Guide and all the excellent Video tutorials that are available through Cockos. In particular, Kenny Gioia does a great job of really keeping it simple, but you may well have to use the pause button & rewind quite a few times to be sure you "get" stuff he is explaining.

One step at a time & like coachz said, don`t be afraid to ask questions, but do try and make it clear in the title what sort of thing you are asking about.

Have fun!
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Originally Posted by TomBow View Post
I plug in the 218, I have my interface (Motu M4) running, I open Reaper, what after that?
A little more information is required!
Pc or Mac? Have you downloaded drivers for the Motu M4? What are your audio device settings (Options->Preferences->Audio->Device)? Is there any sound coming from Reaper? Do you have drum samples and/or sampler that can play the samples in Reaper (something like Sitala or you could use Reasamplomatic 5000)?

It's hard to offer help to such a broad question when we don't know what YOU know...but we'll help you get started once we do!
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Default Akai MPD218,Getting sounds

I recently got the above and worked for a couple days trying to get it to make sounds. I have Steven Slate drums, some Pearl drum kit samples, MTPower drums, some Spitfire Labs samples and the BigBang VST software that you receive with the 218. I got the 218 to make some sounds today so that's a step in the right direction. I did go through K. Gioia's drum mapping vid and that was extremely improved info. I have had REAPER since July but have had limited time to start really digging into it. Time is the answer. I need to concentrate my efforts on the users here in the forum for the info I need. So thank you for the help. Much appreciated.
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