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Default I need help with MIDI/OSC Learn command please

Hey guys, so I have been all over the place on different forums trying to get this working but no success so far. To refresh, I am simply trying to toggle 2 VST plugins fx on and off in Reaper from my iPhone.


With the the help of someone from the facebook Touchosc Group, yesterday we tried and tried but no success but we are at the point of pressing a button on TouchOSC on my phone and it does not register the command in the MIDI/OSC Learn window.

Can anyone help us get over this part please? I tried disabling Windows Defender and Firewall but does not help.
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why don't you download a pre existing layout for Reaper on touchOSC or OSCAR.. establish a connection to Reaper from the tablet with correct network ports and IPs.. then load the Reaper template and see everything is working.. (the first priority is establish working connections).. once you have the connection working open the Reaper layout in touchOSC or OSCAR desktop editor to look at the commands for each button/fader, learn how they are written and communicate to Reaper..

then with some knowledge of how the existing layout is made, make your own layout with a button and add the command for bypass FX which I posted in the other thread.. then load your layout into the app and that should be able to make your FX bypass..

this method would make a bypass that applies to a fixed track number and FX position in the list... if you have different projects where the track and FX location are different you would either need to change the locations to match the button in your OSC layout or make extra buttons for them with different address or maybe use something like Realearn (if that can dynamically assign those elements ? ive not used it, but I think it can)...
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Originally Posted by EcBaPr View Post
why don't you download a pre existing layout for Reaper on touchOSC
Can you link me to this please?

What I am seeing now is that there are different ways to achieve what I want. I am currently looking into using Realearn andh ahve installed Reapack but having issues not seeing Realearn listed. So I am willing to follow your instructions to try that option too.

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