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Default option: use theme color for "selected track" even if track is custom color

A simple, unequivocal way to tell selected objects apart is one of the most sorely missed features in Reaper ...
TLDR, it's a mistake to use multiple, track-color-dependent colors to indicate "Selected" status. the same color should be used program wide to indicate this critical, fundamental parameter.

in December, we raised this issue:

if midi is "colored by track" or "colored by media item," it was very hard to see which midi notes were selected in the midi editor. REAPER distinguished selected from unselected objects by tinting them by their custom color, rather than obeying the "selected" parameters in the theme tweaker window.

devs then added the midi editor actions to "use theme color for selected note body/border when coloring by track or media item," solving this issue.

however, the problem still applies to selected media items in the arrange view - "selected" items just tint themselves a different shade of the track color, making them very difficult to see among the other items. so, here we are again, another current/desired image:

i contend that the example on the left is a bad default, and that selected items should default to the color specified in the theme editor unless otherwise indicated. i'd be content with an option to solve this on my end, but really, this tendency to use tinting to indicate selection is counterintuitive. the good news is that when this gets solved, i think the quote at the top of this post will be largely resolved - though an argument could be made that AI outline should be able to use the same "selected" color as well.

refer to https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=228079
° using REAPER as host/arranger/sequencer to write instrumental beat music.
° striving for a loop-based, controller-centric midi recording/editing workflow.
° colored tracks/items: optionally respect "selected track/item" theme color

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