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Default Nektar Panorama - Install Issues

Wondering if anyone here has had installation problems with Nektar Panorama P1 or other Panorama controller / keyboard devices?

I have a Nektar Panorama P1 which ran great with REAPER and various VST's on my PC with Windows 8, but after a recent upgrade to Windows 10 and also updating to REAPER 6, it's having installation issues now.

The Panorama is not showing in the Reaper Preferences - Control Surfaces selection anymore, but is listed in the MIDI devices. I have selected it here as Enable & Control, just the same way it was when running on Windows 8.

However, the Panorama is set at INTERNAL MODE, and I can't change the mode to use it to control any actions or parameters within REAPER.

I've tried all the usual checks - updated the driver, re-installed REAPER, re-installed the Panorama, re-installed the firmware, etc all using the files I downloaded from my Nektar account. My REAPER is a portable install and I have manually copied the 2 DLL files into the REAPER - User Plugins folder as directed (which I did previously.)

I have even set it back to the factory default and followed the troubleshooting guide from the Nektar site. The Map files have installed in the Windows folders and I can see the various names of the different VST's there.

I've checked the settings in the PC Device Manager but nothing, as far as I know, appears wrong there. I checked the Sound / Video / Game controllers where the Panorama is listed and also the Universal Serial Bus Controllers. My Windows 10 has all the latest updates.

I tried it on another PC using Windows 10 with REAPER 6, and it worked perfectly...found REAPER straight away and I was able to use the various modes, so I know the Panorama itself is okay (sadly I can't use this other machine!!)

Really got me baffled...!

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Just thought I would ask here before contacting Nektar support.

Thanks in advance!
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You mentioned that the Reaper install that's not working is a portable install.

On the PC where everything worked, was Reaper installed normally, or portable?

If normal, that might be a good troubleshooting path to go down.
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That was also a portable install. I used to install REAPER the regular way for years, but started using portable installs a few years ago.

Thanks for the reply!
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The Panorama is not showing in the Reaper Preferences - Control Surfaces selection anymore, but is listed in the MIDI devices
The thing about portable installs is that you can have more than one. I didn't see where you had performed a vanilla fresh portable install to it's own folder, copying the UserPlugins DLLs over and seeing if they show up in control surfaces. If you haven't try that... if that works, some setting/config is screwy in your default portable install.

Also, for the part you are seeing broken, the P1 doesn't even need to be hooked up because if it doesn't show up in control surfaces, it's literally down to seeing those DLLs by reaper regardless of the actual hardware. It will switch out of internal mode though as soon as those DLLs are loaded properly by reaper and get to talk to the P1.

Also, I assume by not showing up in control surfaces, you mean it isn't listed in the drop-down box after clicking "Add" at the bottom of the control surfaces dialog. Also, try copying the two P1 DLLs from UserPlugins on the working machine over just as a sanity check that the ones you have now aren't corrupted, doubt it but sanity.
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