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+ Toolbars: improve hidpi support (toolbar_icons/ can have 150/ and 200/ subdirs)
Yes-yes-yes, been waiting for this! Text icons are way better now, awesome!

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Found an issue if anyone else can confirm -

Toolbar 'snap' button is not changing correctly to the 'relative' grid symbol, and if I toggle relative snap via a shortcut while snap is off, the button doesn't light up at all. I've checked with the default theme and same behaviour.

Also, highlighting of all normal length toolbar buttons is now much dimmer, double length ones are highlighted correctly... this isn't clear on the default theme, but it's happening on the theme I'm using, a version of nitpicky I've edited with toolbar buttons from another theme (alterego), any idea why this would be happening only with this build? Could reaper be looking for a different filename now for the button highlight graphic png file? I do believe that was something I edited previously in this theme.
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Originally Posted by deeb View Post
Regarding media import, I guess no one interested in current behaviour when dragging a sample from media explorer into a vst sampler in which the time stretch is ignored. Could you consider fixing this?
Maybe This should be optional, or not, because if someone don't want timestretch applied when importing from media explorer to sampler , then simply remove time stretch while previewing . This still more logical then current behaviour, which is what you are previewing is not what you get.
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+ Mouse modifiers: add modifiers to move item contents while obeying snap
this seem buggy for me if dragging to the left:
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dear reaper gods!!
regarding modifiers:
Maybe someone which is not into electronic music does not understand this and it's kind of difficult to explain it's benefit.

Similarly to other DAWs that have this in its wave editor..

We can set the loop points position by dragging them and this basically loops the inner content to fit the item length and it is amazing how easy we can find and get surprised with polyrythms and find interesting material to use on our tracks , .. it just happens , . .. easy easy !
Of course we can do the same without dragging and do it manually example: fix a new length of audio material and move item contents but it looses the magic of unpredictability and so unusable for the purpose.

So i would kindly ask you consider also this :
A modifier for dragging the section points on the items and in realtime this settings being applied across all wave length

Thanks for listening! and thanks for everything. Wish you good!
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Hey, so I reported this in bugs, but I'm getting no responses - which is fine, but I wanna make sure it's at least heard...

[Mouse Modifier] Move contents snap - does NOT work in relative snap mode
  1. Move item or item's contents off the grid
  2. Set snap setting "snap relative to grid"
  3. Use mouse modifier - left drag item - Move contents obeying snap
  4. item's contents will snap to grid absolute values

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