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Default Plugin .ini files – skip plugin scanning


I administer Reaper in a managed macOS environment and have a quick query re the plugin .ini files that someone may be able to assist with...

Users have network home directories on the various Macs, which in many respects is great as it ensures their Reaper prefs travel with them. However, plugins are an issue because different systems have different plugins and I don't want students to have to go through the lengthy scan process each time they move between rooms. I've therefore written a script which runs at login (using Outset) that compares the various .ini plugin files in a user's ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER directory with the plugin file that they need for a particular system (using a SHA256 hash)... if the checksums don't match then it copies the relevant 'template' file into their directory. In principle I think that this should work but can anyone advise me as to the finer points of the plugin-initialisation scan? Is there anything else I need to consider?

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