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Default MIDI Step Input - Add Modes, Selection Options & Input Styles.

MIDI Step Input - Add Modes, Selection Options & Input Styles.
-Take MIDI step input functionality to the next level by adding modes, selection options and input styles. To make it better and more flexible than any competitors. Detailed Explanations Below.

Step Input Modes: Similar to MIDI Record Modes (Replace, OverDub, Latch etc)

Step Replace mode = If a Note/Notes are selected, step inputting notes replaces those selected notes at their positions regardless of where the edit cursor is. If no note/s are Selected, inputting notes, replaces/inserts notes in front of edit cursor deleting what was there before and replacing them.

*This would also allow you to be able to simply press the left arrow if a mistake is made then re-input the correct note/notes. Like a “Redo” Function. As well as go back and replace or add notes quickly.

Step OverDub Mode = Step input note/s are inserted at at edit cursor, above or below existing notes.

+ Other Step Modes = Im sure there could more modes that could be useful, I can’t think of right now.

Step - Selection options: What notes stay selected when MIDI Step inputting.

1. Successive inputted note/s deselects the previous. (Only the last input note/chord is selected the rest are deselected)

*Currently, Step inputting keeps every note/s inserted selected. This other Successive deselection mode would Allows for flexible successive actions and custom actions. For instance: inputting a chord > then change grid value + lengthen notes one grid value Action = faster inputting/adjustment by making it possible to lengthen the last inputted note/s without lengthening all notes previously inserted behind. Which is faster and more convenient than having to, after inputting manually selecting the last input note or chord and then perform those actions.

2. Default - (all instead notes inputted are selected)

Input Styles: How Reaper Reacts and inputs Step Input MIDI

1. Held Notes Auto Lengthen:
With step input enabled + HNAL, if a note is held down whilst other notes are played in a sequence, the played notes are inserted, while the “held” note is automatically lengthened up until till it is released.

Example: For simplicity sake a bass drone with a melody note, then while still holding down the bass note play a melody in step that gets input whilst the bass below gets lengthened until it is released or changes pitch.

*this would be an amazing feature as a faster way to input notes of different lengthen that start at the same point without having to manually drag or lengthen the longer note (bass note from example).

2. Default Input style:

3. + Other Input Styles

Thanks for Reading
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+1 .Currently also there is separate undo point created for each note plus edit cursor move, so to undo 7-note chord inputed at once, undo must be run 8 times.
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In the meantime check cfillion's step input script.
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