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Default Media explorer Tempo Match uses tempo map from beginning of project

I was previewing MIDI loops in the Media Explorer and I was wondering why I couldn't get the Tempo Match to work correctly. It turns out that Tempo Match follows the tempo map (including changes) from the beginning of the project, instead of the tempo map from where the play cursor is.

It seems like this bug was reported a while back, but I couldn't find an actual bug report post, so I'll just make one here.
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Ouch, this is a nasty one ... Hope it get's fixed soon.
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Philip Lee
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Just a bump, I guess, this is still true.

Media explorer doesn't get the BPM from the edit cursor, but from the beginning of the file. Then if you change the initial bpm, the midi file in the explorer changes in speed, but not length, resulting in either truncated loops (during the preview) or loops with additional silence.
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