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Originally Posted by DVDdoug View Post
The guy wasn't happy with the sound of his guitar rig but Eric Clapton picked-up the guitar and suddenly it sounded great and he said "it sounded like Eric Clapton".
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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Had Angus fking Young played any other guitar, you'd still love him and be talking about that one. Guitars don't make music by themselves, that really, really, really matters.
And anyone who saw them in their prime will testify it wasn't Angus on an SG playing some of their most signature guitar parts
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Default angus who? ac/bc ?

so i started this thread because i wanted to get an idea of what i could get my guitar to sound like

the asides about ac/dc arnt really relevant
the were a very produced band and like someone said
the player makes the guitar

it works the other way too though
i ve never had a guitar with as good tone that was so sensitive

i have a di demo but i think the conversation has passed by me
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