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Default "Mic Listen" "internal monitoring" what is it actually?

Originally Posted by domzy View Post
you might want to describe what your interface is and its settings & your signal chain etc.
and what are your track settings - what is the input set to?
The mic is connected to the mixer that is on my desk, well, there is an ART preamp before the mixer, regardless though, the mic is plugged into the mixer; next, the line out from the mixer goes into a pink colored input on the soundcard ~ the microphone input...next sound coming out from the soundcard/pc through the green port ~"out" and back into the mixer "in" port on the mixer, next the sound goes out to a single sub and to two separate monitor/speaker *pairS* ~ This is a very logical 4.1 setup being an obvious continuation and an expansion from the original 2.1 one (main out)

When I record, I switch the sound so it comes out through the headphones...the main point and idea is:"when I was there at my desk asking y'all this question(monitoring on/off option that works???) I decided to check and see Exactly what it is that was happening and noticed....no annoying feedback that I mentioned about, at this post's beginning and was perfectly fine able to record a vocal rap track actually....How come it did that before or used to do that...? I don't know and I do not even care all that much, as long as, it works like it is supposed to, I have no complains but what does ONE do when such an outrageously unpleasant thing happens from time to time without an obviously apparent fix, as feedback from the microphone and the mp3 instrumental being played while attempting to record a vocal take...is somehow being multiplied and reproduced in my headphones because there is some type internal sound routing issue and the static is being picked up exponentially because the "mic" listens to the audio reproduced internally within the software... raises a question ~ how does one turn internal mic monitoring on or off, please? Yes, I meant ~ 0FF with the static ~ internal monitoring ~ "mic listen" option, it may, as well be called?

P.S. Considering it makes no difference what type mixer I use and how I have it hooked up because one minute it works ~ another minute it does NOT and then works again WiTHOUT me actually changing the wiring and the hardware setup... Does a computer not only have in(mic) and out(monitor/speaker + the sub if you are lucky)???? Where does the static come from if not from the inside the software and it's issues....unless there is a fix, do tell, please, please enlighten me...
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