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Default Ample Siund Bass PII


I downloaded "Ample Sound Bass PII" (Free Version). I am trying to use it with an existing midi file, but only a small group of notes are triggering the instrument (same 3 notes that are part of a repeated phrase throughout the file). I can see all the silent notes being triggered on the virtual keyboard within VST GUI, but there is no corresponding sound coming from the instrument. The same midi file will trigger other VSTi instruments without issue.

I'm having a similar problem with UJAM's Royale Bass Demo. I can play the instrument and create a midi file but cannot get it to play from an existing midi file. After many hours of trying to stumble upon a fix, I give up. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

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Make sure that the notes aren't lower than E2 (40) in the MIDI editor. It doesn't go lower than that.
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Default Brilliant!


Thank you for such a simple yet brilliant deduction. It never occurred to me to look at the octave that the midi file represented. All notes except the 3 that played and repeated were below the playing range of a bass guitar. I blindly assumed that a bass midi file would import to a compatible range. I looked everywhere but right under my nose. Thank you so much for your help.


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