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Default VS2480 MIDI map included for the C++ more savvy

Edit May 22nd:

It seems that i have to do some more digging and provide better information. So forget about this for a while :-)

Hi guys,

The Roland VS2480 allows one to fully program what every button, knob and fader is sending out MIDI wise. I also know what is expects MIDI wise from the DAW to do proper feedback from the daw to the VS. I;ve attached my findings in a doc file to this thread.

As i havent written anything in the past 15 years, i was hoping to find somebody here that is willing to take up the work i.e. writing a control surface template for the VS2480.

You can find the info here: http://www.cockos.com/forum/attachme...6&d=1210942757

Thanks in advance!


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