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Default Advanced Midi Filtering Question

I'm trying to do something fairly difficult with Reaper for my live-performance rig, and it's made more difficult by the fact that I just haven't had the time to carefully digest every page of the manual.

I am still only auditioning Reaper, so it's hard to devote days to that. Hoping for some help from you folks on this (if it can be done at all)

Here's what I need. It concerns key-mapping and external control of midi-filters:

My master keyboard is used solely as a triiger. My physical set-up does not allow me to access its knobs & buttons, so all key-mapping and patch-changes must be done in the computer.

I have seven VSTi's active in real-time. One of them does left-hand bass, and always gets a different treatment from the others. the other six always work together, getting the same key-mapping as each other.

For those six, I sometimes need to limit the lower kybd range (leaving room for the bass sound, and other times I use no bass and map the six to the whole keyboard.

What I need is to be able to turn that midi-filter on & off from an external controller, but I need to turn it on & off for all six VSTi's at once. Is there some kind of macro command that allows this?

## Alternatively, perhaps there is some way put a filter on the incoming midi stream, before it goes to any tracks? That would be pretty cool. Sort of a midi bussing scheme. It would make changing settings a whole lot easier!
Am I just dreaming, or can this be done?

In a perfect world, I might then even be able to split the midi-stream, and put "master filters" on only the part that goes to those six VSTi's, not touching the bass.

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MIDI Keyboard Deploy was written to do this, if I understand your request.

Set up a few tracks for incoming midi, create sends on the midi tracks to the VSTi tracks.
Each Incoming midi track could have a copy of Keyboard Deploy with different splits. Then use some buttons on the MIDI keyboard, mapped to Track Mute in reaper's Preferences\Keyboard Control for activating/deactivating the Incoming MIDI Tracks(each with a different Filter), thereby remapping your keyboard on the fly with a single button press.

Alternately for the Mute Keybinding, you could bind your computer keyboard to Mute/Solo Tracks. Make a special Live template that requires a single key press to Mute/UnMute specific tracks. With 6 layers of commands for each keybinding the combinations of what a single button press could do for Muting/Soloing track selections could be mind boggling with possibilities, or kept very simple.

Lotsa ways to do this, it's just a matter of finding which is best for you.

If you try out Keyboard Deploy, and it doesn't work, or it doesn't make sense, post the complaint in that thread.
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That first idea sounds like just what I need, a routing of the midi stream. I didn't know that could be done. I'll give it a try, THANKS.
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