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Default Book recommendation

Hey, I've noticed some of y'all complaining about troubles grokking the C++ language. I'm sure y'all already have the classic Stroustrop book and read a little bit before you go to bed at night. Which is good. Keep doing that.

In the meantime, though, you might also want to check out the "C++ Pocket Reference" from O'Reilly. I picked it up the other day and am very impressed with how information dense it manages to be while still managing to be very concise and readable. You essentially get the entire language condensed down to 123 pages. Forget how function pointers work? Right there in the table of contents. Need a refresher on memory management and destructors? It's all there, very easy to find, and presented in very plain, terse, easy to comprehend language.

Now, I have been programming for over 22 of my 32 years so I'm not sure how it reads to folks who haven't been at it as long, but I find it to be incredibly useful as I brush the dust off of my C++ skills after doing web apps for much too long, now. I appreciate the terse, to the point language with code illustrating just about every single topic.

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