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Default Couple of Render FRs


Could I make the following suggestions for new Features in the Render section please?

1) "Background" Rendering option.

Sometimes it's really useful to set one project rendering, and continue working/editing/playing another project in a separate tab. Currently Reaper can't do this, and effectively all operations are frozen until the render completes. An option to Render in the background (just using "spare" CPU cycles) would be excellent.

2) Playback direct from the waveform drawing in the Render window.

While rendering, the window draws a waveform view. Once it's finished, very often the next thing I need to do is just "spot check" the rendered file by playing back a few sections of it. To do so, I need to locate it in the finder and then play it from there. It would be a neat addition if the waveform view in the render window became "live" once finished, so I could mouse over and play sections of the rendered file direct from that window!

Many thanks for considering.

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+1. Both of these are really great ideas!
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Great idea +1 for this
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Very good ideas!
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