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Default Who here is using a Behringer X32 with Reaper?

Hey guys! I wanted to do a quick roll call of who is using an X32 with Reaper? I've noticed that on the X32 forums, a lot of guys don't know how to use Reaper, and here, most guys don't know how to use an X32. I thought it'd be cool if we all got to know who among us is using this unique combination for all things recording. Maybe we could help each other out with the crazy amount of options we have at our disposal.


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I use both daily.
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I'm using both as well.
I tried using X32Reaper app from Patrick - but it was not quite right for my workflow.
I had been using an MCU for mixing and like working with groups of 8..

My current setup has me using:
- DAW Control of x32 (mcu emulation) - with Klinke's awesome mcu control surface. I had to add a few controls to go in and out of folders.
- 26 Audio inputs - 8 drums mics, 4-5 vocal mics, Bass, 2 keys, electric guitar, acoustic, mando, etc...
- vocal and drums are recorded pre-fader printing some limiting comp and lite eq - where needed
- FX busses for a couple of reverbs on monitoring (1 for vocals and 1 for instruments) - I also record these just in case I like them.
- Monitor to headphone amp straight from the board (no added latency from reaper)

Mix - in the box (Reaper) adding eq/comp/gate verb etc... using the daw control section.

I'm also using the x32 mix app on the ipad - works pretty good - when I am at the drums

I also tried using the x32-q app to give people "more-me" monitoring mix - with separate headphone mixes - this got too cumbersome to troubleshoot "I can't hear the bass" when I am not on the same headphone mix. Then training others to use the x32-q mix app was challenging.
Most were like "let's just jam". So I went back to 1 headphone mix for all.

I wish I could say this was easy to setup... I wish I could say I'm done tweaking this - but sometimes that is also the fun part.

I am playing while tracking so I don't get a chance to mix on the fly.
KeyMce/GenMce - pc keyboard/midi to Mackie control emulation (built with ahk). Also - an ahk script to build your own midi programs.

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