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Default Maybe a misplaced thread - a viz plugin FR

Hi, first, sorry if this is in the wrong subforum, but seems to me the place where devs will hide out and may understand what I am rabbitting on about!

So, Schwa (et al) ... what are the chances of (re-)developing and extending a VST version of the Viz modules? It would then be great to be able to run these via ReaMote. Let's say with multiple inputs (no need for output, just become an audio sink), and then for each input perhaps a tabbed interface so you can "program up"(as per the prog. language of the current viz plus anything else you want to add) what each input does visually, as well as having ways inputs can interact ... of course you can condition the audio input in the normal way via an fx chain - just drop the viz fx VST on the end of the chain ...

By making it a VST you can run multiple copies on multiple machines for display via multiple projectors for amazing visuals to accompany your audio. Don't forget live use too for concerts!

Anything in the pipeline J?

Cheers all,

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