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Default Help, my scripts are trash!

Once upon a time I tried to learn script. I got far enough to make these two with a lot of hand-holding but by now this all looks like gibberish to me again:

GetSet_LoopTimeRange(0, 0, TimeStart, TimeEnd, 0);
TimeStart != TimeEnd ? SetEditCurPos(TimeEnd, 0, 0); 
Undo_OnStateChange("Edit Cursor to end of Time Selection");
GetSet_LoopTimeRange(0, 0, TimeStart, TimeEnd, 0);
TimeStart!=TimeEnd ? SetEditCurPos(TimeStart, 0, 0);
Undo_OnStateChange("Edit Cursor to start of Time Selection");
Problem is, in some recording situations (which I can't reliably reproduce), while stopped I'll have record starting from the last play position instead of the edit cursor postion. I'm fairly certain it's due to these janky scripts I made.

These scripts are intended to allow moving the edit cursor to the time selection during playback without interrupting playback. Can some smart coder help me idiot-proof/re-write these?

Perhaps what I need is an additional script I can add to other actions (like record) to ensure the play cursor position is the same as the edit cursor's?

I hope this is not too confusing, thanks.
Myy Wyyrd Muzyyk
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