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Default Having trouble picking up my electronic drums

Hi all,

I've been casually using Reaper for the last year or so and something strange has happened. I usually plug my electronic kit into the two inputs of my Focusrite scarlett 2i2, which plugs into the USB input of my laptop and everything normally records fine. But now suddenly when I play, although I can hear my drums properly through my headphones while I'm playing, when I listen back to the recording Reaper is picking up the sound through my laptops mic (ie you can hear the sound of the pads being hit and me coughing). I'm sure there's a section where I choose which device for Reaper to listen to? If so can someone please point me in that direction? Also i'm not very computer literate or too familiar with the ins and outs of Reaper, so please dumb it down a little for me. Thanks.
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