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Default The Mangle good with Reaper and win 7?

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to do a quick check that I'm good running The Mangle with Reaper and Windows 7. I just set up shop with Reaper a few weeks ago and this will be my first plugin or soft synth to be used with Reaper.

If there is anything I should know, or to watch out for I'm up for any advice or guidance. I just got introduced to granular synthesis and it looks like a perfect thing for my first Reaper project. Plus, its Dads day and already talked my wife into letting me get it. Small battle won.

Thanks everyone! exited.

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Default The Mangle and Win 7

Hi Phil, I didn't see any responses to your question about The Mangle and win 7. Did you try it? I'm wondering myself whether The Mangle runs on newer versions of Mac IOS (10.12). David
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I haven't used it extensively, but I have never had a problem with it on Win7
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Default The Mangle on Win 7

So I have been using the Mangle on my Win 7 desktop with good success for a couple of months now. I was a little worried about the reports of The Mangle crashing Reaper. At first this never happened but then it would occassionally. This seemed to happen when I would get busy with it, removing it from tracks, calling it up again on another track, opening another instance of it while it was also running on another track.

What I did was start being a little more careful and always hit "Save" either before calling the Mangle up or removing it from a track. This seems to do the trick. I can't explain why but, if I am just a bit diligent with the "save" button before or after doing anything insert-wise with the Mangle, I never seem to get a crash. On the occasion that is does, it is always clear that I started neglecting to do the save thing.

And it has been worth it. I have yielded some awesome results from granulating beds of processed guitar layers. Very complex but yet organic sounds that keep within the same "sonic DNA" when mixed with the sounds that it is derived from. Very exciting and satisfying.

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