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Default Gain staging within plugins

I was watching this video on gain staging, and while the video itself repeated several things I already knew, there was this great comment that I want to copy here, because it's something I never thought about:
Cool introduction to gain staging. But I felt you were missing the gain staging within each of your plug-ins... perhaps the hidden 4th rule? If the level coming out of a plug-in is the same as going in, you can better evaluate the effect of your plug-in on the signal, especially when A/B'ing with the bypass. This is also important if you're stacking effects. What happens when I bypass the plug-in in the middle of a five plug-in stack? If the volume level suddenly rises or drops, then how can I evaluate that plug-ins performance? It's also important if you're feeding into an input sensitive plug-in like a compressor or limiter. If your input and output levels are always matched, then any adjustment you make to an EQ upstream from the compressor won't affect the amount of gain reduction. Take with a grain of salt, though. Sometimes deadlines dictate rather than careful management.
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...which leads to an old FR of mine,

"TCP inner plugin OL indicator+level control".

I don't know how everybody else manages gain staging, but with every other plugin not having an input meter, or not having output controls, it's always a big pain.

Couple the above FR to

"Auto level set in/out per plugin for (x level)"

Oh well.
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I use the A/B Level Matching JSFX plugins, bookend around each FX plug.
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