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Default Difference between MCU and MCU extender

I am playing with a Faderport 8 and 16 connected at the same.

I have managed to get the controllers working pretty well togethe,r for my needs, so have 24 moveable faders at my disposal.

I am trying to understand the difference between the MCU and the MCU extended surface controllers. I don't understand what the extended does differently from setting up two copies of the MCU driver.

Can someone enlighten me?
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It likely just does not listen for the transport and special button section messages.

I use one MCU and one MCU extended(offset 8) on my FP16. Try using those transport controls on the extended driver and see what happens.
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in terms of using the MCU surface config that comes with reaper, they work the same. The EXT does not have the additional functions of the MCU such as transport and added buttons, jog wheel, etc....but the channel controls will work the same. You could (and should) use the same MCU config option for both MCU and ext (or whatever controller you're using, I'm using the Icon ProX and XS, same thing) and not the mcuEXT config option. I'm not sure why the EXT config doesn't work well, but you can just use the MCU, and apply the appropriate channel offset.
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Thanks, I understand now.
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