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Default Latency Difference Between Physical Midi and USB Midi Devices

I am curious about the "in theory" and "in application" difference in latency between:

Chain 1: Drum Module (Alesis DM5) -> Midi Cable -> Interface (Tascam US-1641) -> USB 2.0 -> Computer

Chain 2: Drum Module (?) -> USB -> Computer

In my mind, I would like to think that a MIDI USB HID device firing off of interrupts (Chain 2) would be a heck of a lot faster than two UART transcievers crawling at 9600 baud before going through the same USB rigamarole (Chain 1). Does anyone have any experience with both of these type of setups that could give some quantitative (or even qualitative) feedback?

The reason behind the whole question is that the latency that I am getting using ezdrummer for real-time playback, even with the Tascam cranked up to 96kHz sampling, is just unbearable... But it sounds so much better than the drum module...
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