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Default How to adjust the default 0db gain in Item Prop and Send Level?


I used google and tried to find an answer but maybe the search terms are to common to find the right one. My problem is, every sample or loop I use is way too loud and ends up clipping the channel. I know I can adjust the item level and there are many other level stages, but its annoying to do it with every new audio file.

So the question is: How can I adjust the default levels in item properties or sends? I would like to import audio files and have them by default at -10db. Or to send them by a default of -5db.

I'am pretty sure its possible to manage because Reaper has lots of hidden possibilities. But please help me to find out how.

Many thanks in advance

PS: I also would like to know how I can disable "send ALL midi channels" by default.

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