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Default Reaper. givin it the go

I currently am ready to begin tracking for real in reaper. I have been using it in my bands studio. I had to set up my mobile rig from scratch so i have been testing it along the way.
My System(this is an old system i had sitting around)
p4 Extreme 3.2 single core 32bit
MB: Abit AS8
PSU: aspire 650
MEM: 2 - gigs Cosair xms
VID: Geforce 6600
HD: 3 - 80gb WD ATA 133-drives
4U rack case
2 Echo Layla 24's in purewave mode
recording 16 channels of quality pre's and mic's without blinking. I can scroll zoom as fast as i my finger will go while recording all 16 tracks in 24bit 48000hz. It took some getting used too but I have the hang of the interface and routing now. It sounds cleaner and clearer than sonar ever has too me. I do not mix on that computer so ill post later about my experience doing that on my main machine.
Main machine:
AMD 4400X2
MB: Abit AN8 32x
PSU: XG Magnum 500
MEM: 2 - gigs ocz pc4000 vx
VID: Geforce 7900 GT CO
HD: 1 - 74gb WD Raptor & 1 - 100gb Maxtor ATA-150
Coolermaster Ammo case

I have to say this. I had used the Layla 20 bit back in the day day and liked it. I had not even considered the newer echo line when thinking about upgrading lately. I've been using my drummers 2 layla 24's for a month in purewave mode for a month now and I am really impressed with these cards. I have my own mic pres so these work well for me. If you are looking for some quality conversion the Layla 24 is cheap now because they switched to the audiofile. They are an old company in this biz and they do make a solid DAW.
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