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Default idea: Autorender as batch processing tool

I already use Autorender quite often to split our rehearsal recordings, so
this is an idea that came to my mind when my bandmate asked me if I could make some songs we recorded a little louder for his mp3 player.

So I wondered if Autorender could be used as a batch processing tool.
I think all it would need is an additional function/option to automatically make a region for all current clips in the timeline (so you don't have to do it manually). That is, if there's only one track in the arrangement, with all the clips on it. No need to handle multiple tracks with overlapping clips, Autorender could then stop with an error message I guess, to make things not too complicated.

Then you would import say 10 songs (all in one track), slap a limiter on the track or master bus, run Autorender which builds the regions for each Audio clip and rerenders with the limiter (or other FX). Optionally with a suffix/prefix in the output file like "songname_louder.wav".

Oh, and specifying a tail would also be nice, for reverb or delay FX for example.

Would it be possible to implement this?

PS: I know soundwise it's not a good idea to do batch processing stuff like this, but it's not about proper mixing and mastering, just a quick way to get a couple of songs a few dB louder (or apply other FX) in one go.
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