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Default Classic Faderport XT driver


I'm using the Faderport XT driver.

As you know probably, the PAN rotary knob becomes a parameter selector for the selected FX in the FX chain (it loops on all available parameters).

The parameter assigned to the Faderport can also be selected by clicking directly in the FX (usual example: a synth's cutoff). It's quite fast and intuitive.

And of course, if I'm in Write mode, the automation curve is created/modified.

I have two questions:

1. It is not uncommon to quibble with several parameters, which leads to the creation of several automation lanes. As it stands, if I click on an already created automation lane, unfortunately, it does not make the fader active on that automation/parameter. It is necessary to click on the parameter again within the FX, or to turn the knob again.

Is it possible to reassign the Faderport by clicking on an automation line?

I am aware that this is an external driver to Reaper, but I was thinking that, perhaps, some action could make the parameter active and thus force the assignment to the Faderport.

2. the active parameter is quickly displayed in Reaper, in the TCP, at the very bottom, where the CPU load and RAM used are written.

Is there a way to display it permanently somewhere, just to know what the Faderport cursor is linked to ?

Since the info is actually coming in in Reaper, I'm thinking maybe a script could take it over?

Thank you!

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