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Default Reaper for live-audio use?

Hi all. I am completely new to any of this sort of thing with an actual studio/workstation environment (used to using things like audacity or Creative Wave Studio in the old days to simply normalize/reduce/increase sound in recorded voice audio) and helping run a mixer console/soundboard for the local church during chorus performances/sermons, etc.

I've been trying to 'up my game' so to speak in computer audio with an actual microphone instead of the standard terrible headset mics, and to help improve the quality of a tiny livestream/twitch channel i've been playing with. To that end I got an assortment of cheap and not-extremely-bad equipment, but i've run into enemies RE some room and the ever-present computer noise, and the hiss from my cheap condenser mic (although i also have a Shure SM58, but without a shockmount.)

I've been having some success running VSTHost and the reaPlugs like reaFIR for removing the condenser his and fan noise and a small EQ and reaGate, but as it's a very old, unsupported program it's not the easiest to use, nor the best for CPU useage and other VST2 plugins don't often load or work correctly on it, and I was told to try Reaper instead.

Is it possible to use Reaper as a pass-through/channel-strip type situation where it's not recording audio but is a live rack? The way i was running VSTHost was input through the mic, through my soundcard (for the cheap condenser) or my interface (for the Shure) to the input of VSTHost, to the input of CABLE, and setting windows' mic endpoint to CABLE's output. This at least seems to work to my ear, but VSTHost is limited to MME and DirectSound for audio transport, and at worst with things like ReaFIR and/or with some other things like iZotope Vinyl, I end up with latencies in the 700ms at best, to 1.8s at worst, which destroys live video+audio and is tricky to get right with a video render pre-delay.

I appear to be unable to use Reaper with ASIO? as the ASIO drivers for the interface want to output all audio from Reaper to the rear RCA or 1/4" jacks, which to pump them back into my PC to be of any use would need to necessitate a stereo RCA to 3.5mm converter and input back into my soundcard's line-in and would result in double or triple conversion. What types of settings would I need to do the required and get as little latency as possible, or at least a predictable amount to be able to use a stream-buffer delay? An audio engineer friend I have tells me I seem to want the impossible and DAWs aren't really set up for this kind of thing and i'd be better spent spending extra cash and getting a DBX286, etc instead as an insert.

Edit: I should add that, as this is live-sound or live video+audio use, I'm not running anything like monitors, etc to the audio outputs of the interface, as i'd need to hear others speaking, game sound, etc which would necessitate hooking up to the PC-only, so I don't have any monitors, nor anything in the monitor port of the AI (i've been testing the configs by recording in audacity or using a capture program to see if the changes i was doing were acceptable system-wide.) I had originally been misguided and thought that the interfaces would be able to run these plugins by themselves as I had seen some that seemed to do that (Although radically out of my price range and Mac-only). So I had thought that the interfaces being USB would allow a transfer to/from the PC instead of it just being a one-way. Maybe I should have just picked up a USB mic instead like the Neat Bumblebee instead.

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