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Default Midi Note Lenght Problem

Hey Everyone,

I am new to using midi, but I can see where I will be spending significant time in the editor. Because I am vision impaired I am basically unable to get much from the manual. I have been having a lot of "learn as I go" moments. I've been able to figure the out the basics, but this latest issue is beyond my capacity to stumble upon a solution.

I have created phrases and then cut and pasted parts of them to be modified for later song parts. But now I cannot extend the length of a 1/4 note chord at the end of a pasted section. I want the length to be a 1/2 note. Visually, there appears to be room for it before the next measure starts, but it will only sound for longer than the original 1/4 note.

As always, thanks for your time and effort.

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If you right-click the note in question, can you go to 'Note Properties' and change the 'Length' field? Any luck doing that?
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