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Question Midi not working right when playing live

I've just started using Reaper on Linux and I've got a weird issue that I'm hoping someone can help with.

When I play with my midi keyboard, I see there is a midi signal in Reaper and the notes I'm pressing will flash on the virtual keyboard, so these key presses are definitely registering, but they make no sound. If I click the keys on the virtual keyboard with my mouse, I can get sound. However, if I record and play on my midi keyboard, still there is no sound while actually playing, but it will create a midi clip with the notes I played. Now when I play back that midi clip, there is sound. So why is there no sound when I'm playing live? The synths do not seem to be receiving midi in this situation for some reason.

I'm not very experienced with Reaper so I don't Know if this is a bug or just something I'm not setting up right. I'm using the latest build (5.96 x64) on Linux Mint with the low latency kernel.

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Did you enable monitoring while the track was record-armed? You need to do that.

Using REAPER for Linux
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Oh god. Something so simple eh! I didn't notice that and never saw it in any tutorials or threads about midi issues. I bet it says to do that in the bloody manual which I planned on reading tonight lol..

Thankyou though. I can finally get things going and learn the rest now
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