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Default Select last touched envelope, toggle between item/envelope selection/focus?

Is there any way to select the last touched envelope for a track/item, or toggle the selection focus between a selected item(s) and an envelope?

I find often when I am editing an envelope I need to select the item to change something else (like nudge volume), then go back to the envelope to continue editing it. This is problematic for 2 reasons:

1. Sometimes when clicking to select an envelope segment or point I'll accidentally adjust the value/position of the point/segment.

2. Clicking to select an envelope will cause the selected item to be deselected, especially for a track envelope that is displayed on the item instead of in a lane, or when the envelope is an item envelope like item pitch, pan, etc.

I've found the "Track: Select next/previous envelope" actions to be pretty useful. However, I wish it were possible to only cycle the envelope selection for the currently selected track instead of selecting through ALL of the envelopes for all tracks.

It would also be helpful if these actions (or others like them that were specific to envelopes only for the selected track) remembered the last touched envelope after selecting an item so that, when pressing the hotkey for 'select previous/next/last touched envelope', the selection would change to the envelope last touched, or the one before or after the last touched one.

Hopefully there is an action or script that can simply toggle between item selection and envelope selection, or some way to script actions that will toggle or shift the focus between a selected item and the various envelopes for the item and/or its track.
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Human being with feelings
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Anyone? I'd be willing to bet there is some way to do this, if not with an action, with script. I just haven't been able to find one for it yet, and my scripting skills are so rusty it'd take me way too long fumbling through it before I figured it out.
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