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Default Room acoustic problems


Since a couple of days I am evaluating Reaper v 5.965/X64 rev 3a8222 with the help of the user manual.
This is the first time I am using this program. So a lot is new for me.
The program is installed in a pc in an electronic organ (with FocusRite Saffire as soundcard) which is situated in the livingroom.
The livingroom has tiles on the floor (no carpets) and a concrete ceiling.
Playing the organ I notice resonance frequencies with higher- and lower amplitudes than the overall mean amplitude.
So I try to correct them with the Notch function of the VST:ReaEQ (Cockos).
To determine the above frequencies I am using the JS: Tone Generator.

As soon as the Tone Generator is added/placed then this FX is default in the ON state (also valid for the JS: Sine Sweep Generator). If the amplifiers of the organ were already switched on by accident, then the addition of these FX'es cause a very loud effect.
As a workaround I add first a couple of JS:-12 dB limiters (attenuator?).
Then I replace at the top of the row the first -12 dB limiter by the Tone Generator.
At this point I have a general question.
Is it not better that a FX, which generate tones, is default disabled?
Or can you select such anywhere within Reaper?

Some questions about the JS: Tone Generator
Is it possible to generate tones with the use of the (organmidi-) keyboard?
Now it seems that you first determine the frequency of the tones from a table, type that behind the slider of the Base Frequency. The frequency of the produced tone is only valid if the "A" in the Note (Slider 4) is chosen. I know it is possible to use the mouse wheel (when enabled) and use Ctrl+Mousewheel for a fine adjustment. But it is more practical to step with a key of the keyboard through the whole frequency range.

The projectfile I am using has a couple of tracks, preceeded by the mastertrack.
All tracks are not muted but the mastertrack is.
Why is it in this case possible that I am still hearing tones producing organ tones?
If I unmute the mastertrack the tones become louder. I was supposing that the Mastertrack was the last link in the chain, in other words when the mastertrack is muted then there is no sound?

Thanks for your help.

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Philbo King
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Does the organ have a midi output? If so, you could record tones to .wav files, then use ReaSampler 5000 to pitch shift them with midi input according to the organ key you play.

If the organ doesn't have midi out, feed the organ audio to ReaTune and 'x' the checkbox to generate midi from the pitch. Then the midi output from that can feed RS5000.

Tone Generator isn't really an instrument. More like a test utility.

Do you have a reasonably flat mic? The free REW (Room Eq Wizard) program is a much better tool to measure room resonance freqs.

You'll likely find that trying to use an EQ to compensate for an untreated room will be highly unsatisfying at best. See http://ethanwiner.com/acoustics.html for a thorough discussion of why.
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Default Room acoutic problems

Hi Philbo King,

Thank you for your help so far. I have already played a bit with REW but
meanwhile it is clear that I have no time to spend the coming days to these experiments. I come back on it later.
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