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Default HELP - not finding any Audio from my MADI device

Haven't used reaper in a couple months. So I have little memory on how to run this program. BUT, When I last used it. It worked No Prob. Now I've loaded in the same show file with the same presets I used last time on the Same system with same hardware etc. same orchestra mics....

I know my console is outputting MADI to the computer. I can see the input meters moving in the totalmix softwarethat comes with MADIFACE. (yes total mix is disabled)
But in Reaper, I got nothing, nada. no movement on any meters for any of the 26 channels that are setup. Hitting record records blank tracks. Reaper recognizes the madiface. I even tried to do a new file with 1 input from a Focusrite Scarlett and still could not see any meter movement and recorded blank track.




Figured it out

I didn't give Reaper "Permission" to access the microphone which I assumed was just the built in mic. guess it means every audio connection...

I would delete this thread, but I don't see how to do that.

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Default Helped solve my problem

Don't think about deleting this post. You providing the solution you discovered is just as helpful as someone else giving the input.

I had been struggling for a week trying to get a signal in from my Focusrite Scarlett device (that had previously been working). I was trying all kinds of things, even reinstalled Reaper from scratch. It worked fine in Garageband so I knew it wasn't the mic or device itself.

Seeing your post I went into System Preferences/Security and Privacy/Privacy and then gave Reaper permission to access the microphone. It worked right away.

Thanks for the post.
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