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s wave
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Default Modicia OS anyone using it? sound server problem.

I was wondering if any one has gotten MODICIA os going with Reaper. I have tried The native linux and win versions. (Note, I was trying the Live boot version of Modicia) Reaper Linux stalls at jack D-BUS connection. (err not allocated ram unable to connect to Jack type stuff hw0 not allocated) The windows version of Reaper goes smoothly up until the same point, it seems.

Modicia is interesting os but its major flaw is not having a terminal ugh. I am looking into getting a Windows terminal up and going / crazy stuff eh.

What is promising about the os is...

Modicia comes with the latest versions of the LibreOffice suite, Calligra Words and Calligra Sheets. It also includes the OnlyOffice Desktop, Calibre e-book library management, and E-Book Editor (which supports various e-book formats).

Multimedia offerings are equally attractive. Modicia includes Shortcut, ProjectX, Kdenlive and Avidemux video editors. It comes with Audacious, VLC and Parole Media Players, as well as Audacity for recording and editing audio files.

If you work with sound or music files, you will be smiling over the choices of various editing and transcoding tools, such as Play It Slowly, LMMS, DVD Encoder and Handbrake.

For preparing presentations, you get slide makers in several of the office suites bundled with Modicia. You also get Imagination, and Pencil2D for hand-drawn animation using both bitmap and vector graphics.

Do you work with sound? Marvel at the skills available with Qtractor, Mixxx and the ZynAddSubFX Synthesizer.

There is much more to discover inside Modicia: Professional RAW format images, XnView-RawTherapee, GIMP, Krita, Inkscape, MyPaint, Karbon, mtPaint, GravityDesigner all await you.

It also uses some new tech ideas which makes it real fast.

It also has Wine and Winehq etc. pre-configured and installed as well as Timeshift and SAMBA server - which all together is a pretty powerful OS. And it is fast as live boot so I can imagine as an install. Maybe that is the answer - I will try to find old pc to install it on an test it... any ideas would help... I will try 1st by getting a win terminal. This os runs Win and Linux programs... funny how times are a changing tc.
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I would stick to some known distro. In general for multimedia stuff, I'd just use Debian (or something debian-based): stable, tons of packages and a huge community. Why put yourself in trouble with these unknown distros when there are already so many out there?
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For music production I've tried Lubuntu and KXStudio, but stick with AntiX (Debian based) for his real lightweight. For "daily use" I've been testing MX since the Mint with XFCE seems a little too much for my Athlon L310 1,2GHz with 3Gb RAM.
I agree with Sangeppato. In my opinion, unless I could invest some time in it, using some less known system is losing my focus.
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