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Default First post and total noob question about folders

Sorry this maybe a really simple question but I come from using a Boss stand alone BR1200 from many years ago so there are a few things I am getting use to when I am working with a DAW. I was just going through the Reaper video on folders and I was trying them on a song that I have been working on.

My question is this; when you have a folder that has, say, three sub folders of guitars, when I play the tracks back, do I hear each subtrack plus the combination of all guitars on the main folder, or is it just the main folder track?

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you would hear all three as they are mixed within that folder. It would depend on having any Mutes or Solos active also.

You're watching a Kenny Video I assume? there are more than one video available concerning Folders, Groups, and VCA's, and all are easy to absorb. Though in my personal adventures I have watched some of the Vid's more than a couple times to really catch all the subtle details..

Also page 93 of the user manual has three pic's that help in visualizing a folder and how it works compared to other options
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