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Default *Some* plugins recently stopped working

This is kind of complicated to explain but I'll do my best.
Macbook Air with High Sierra. 1.3 GHz and 4 GB of RAM. No problem mixing 24 tracks with plugins.
Latest Reaper version installed (just got a new version tonight).
Handful of plugins recently just stopped working. Plugin Alliance PEX-500 EQ (paid), TDR Compressor and Anwida DX Reverb Light (both free). There may be others but those are the ones that I KNOW stopped working.

So on a session I opened a few weeks ago I get a message saying some fx could not load. The PEX-500 showed up as orange color in the fx line on the track[s]. Clicking on it did nothing.

Things I tried:
Verified nothing changed in Reaper plugin settings: still pointing to same plugin folders all along.
Cleared cache and reloaded plugins
Reinstalled PEX-500 from latest download
Deleted plugin ini files
Manually deleted plugins and reinstalled
Rolled back two versions of Reaper. Tried N - 1 version too. No luck.
Contacted Plugin Alliance. They essentially gave up on me after trying a few of the things above.
Other Plugin Alliance plugins work fine.

Now here's the weirdness: When I deleted ini files I could suddenly see PEX-500 under AU plugins (does not show up under VST or VST3 even tho installed there and files verified in folders). When launched, two separate windows open for the plugin. One a Reaper window with presets and the other the GUI for the plugin. BUT the plugin shows as running under reaper_host_i386, which tells me plugin is running under 32 bit. ???? Interestingly no sound comes thru the plugin either until I bypass or delete it.

If anyone has experienced this recently or can provide any insight I would be very grateful. Running out of options outside of blowing away the OS and reinstalling everything. (Not ideal)

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