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Default Visual representation of freeze tracks/items

Here is my feature request - hopefully some of you will find this usefull:

While working with frozen tracks/items I always find it hard to keep track of them, especially in bigger projects, when you want to unfreeze something. It's even harder if you didn't freeze all of the fx, but just part of it.

I would like to see a visual representation of a track, where I made use of the "freeze track" option, e.g. the FX-button in the TCP could have a different color then, to indicate that this track has frozen content.

I also find it very unpleasant that as soon as you freeze a track the frozen vsti disappears from the fx-window list; it'd be easier if it was just marked as 'frozen' and was maybe grayed out or something like that.

Same goes for items - if I freeze an item to audio, there should be a little visual indicator showing me that this item is the result of a freeze action.

Lastly but not with the same priority (at least in my case) would be some sort of freeze-manager, where you can back trace all of that freezing, and have it undone from one spot.

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Very needed, yes +1 even a small snowflake icon would be great, that would be enough to at least know what tracks were frozen
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Yes, +1.
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