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Default Foley record assistant

// Record Assistant
//@param 1:w "WIDTH" 20 20 80 50 5
//@param 2:wait "PRE-ROLL" 10 3 20 11.5 1
//@param 4:state "STATE" 1 0 1 .5 1


tar>0 && state==1 ? (
  gfx_set(0, 1, 0, 1);
  gfx_fillrect(start, 0, w, project_h);
  tar-time_now<=wait && tar-time_now>=0 ? (
    gfx_set(1, 1, 1, 1);
    gfx_fillrect(start-start*(tar-time_now)/wait, 0, w, project_h);
How to use:

1 Insert video processor to the track which contains video items

2 Copy and paste the code I wrote in the video processor and press ctrl/command + s

3 Locate edit cursor to the target position, and run "DSY_save cursor.lua". Then you will see a green line in the video window.

4 Play your project. When play cursor is very close(less than 10 seconds by default) to the target position you set before, a white line will show and move to the green line, according to the distance between play cursor and target position.

PS: You can set the width of the lines with the WIDTH knob, and how close between play cursor and target position to trigger the white line with the PRE-ROLL knob. And STATE knob can temporarily disable this plugin.
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